Live Healthy Live Longer
Wardina Felix
Certified Health Coach
Juice Plus+ Benefits
Contributes to cardiovascular wellness
Supports a healthy inflammatory response
Supports quality of life in ovarian cancer survivors
Reduced insulin resistance in overweight boys
Supports lung health in smokers
Supports healthy skin and gums
Supports immune health
Helps protect DNA
Reduces oxidative stress
Absorbed by the body

Children's Health Study
When children are inspired by their parents to live a healthy life, they can reap the benefits of good health and nutrition for years to come. Yet often, many parents feel like they aren’t doing enough for themselves or their children to give them a healthful start. The Children’s Health Study helps bridge the gap while also establishing good health habits in their life, giving parents a successful way to guide their families into a lasting, healthier lifestyle.

56% were taking fewer over-the-counter and/or prescription drugs
60% were missing fewer days of school
61% were eating more fruits and vegetables
66% were visiting the doctor less
71% were drinking more water
71% were consuming less fast food and soft drinks
89% were more aware of their health
96% were reaping a positive benefit of some kind