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Wardina Felix
Certified Health Coach
My Services
One on One Coaching 

During this personal consultation we will talk about your current lifestyle, identify your health and wellness goals and work together to achieve them.
Initial Consultation - 30 minutes - FREE
Two sessions per month (or as needed) - can be done via phone
Email/Text support between sessions.

Smart Shopping 

Are you intimidated by the variety of foods at the grocery store? Not sure where to start? This session will help you identify healthy foods and shop with confidence.

We will meet at your grocery store.

Meal Planning 

Are you always crunched for time and are forced to settle for fast food or ready to eat meals? Together, we will discuss your current strategy to see what is and what's not working.  We will focus on your barriers to meal planning and preparation and will go over the following to help this task be a simple one.
Meal Components
Sample Recipes
Meal Planning Worksheet (completed by client)
Time & Money Saving Tips
Pantry Makeover 

During this time, you will learn how to read a nutrition label, consider replacing unhealthy foods with healthier options and more!
Traffic Light Eating concept
Label Reading – Nutrition Facts & Ingredient List
Dirty Dozen
Healthy Substitutions
Includes Fridge & Freezer Makeover
Shopping List

L.E.A.N. Start Workshops  

Small Group interactive workshops to help educate, change behaviors and build relationships
Develop a lifetime of achieveable healthy habits with your children 
Improve the mood, learning and behavior of children through proper nutrition and movement 
Prime Time Health Workshops 

Add years to your life and life to your years. These workshops will focus on these areas:

How to open your internal pharmacy 
How to make health your hobby
How to move remove waste from your waist
How to live without pain and inflammation

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